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Grace began attending births as a friend/doula in home and hospital
Legacy Midwifery Grace Hannonsettings in 2001.
She began her didactic study and midwife apprenticeship in 2008.
Her calling lead her to be around women in birth and give them some continuity of care throughout their pregnancy and birth journey.
Gracehas had the unique opportunity to study with many experienced midwives and able to glean from their skills and wisdom. She has studied in different cultural settings in America and overseas. She is so proud of her training and experience as a midwife, it brings her great joy to see the possibility of every family receiving an opportunity to have access to birth education and holistic, evidence based midwifery care.

Grace resides in Greenville, SC with her husband of 19 years and their 4 children. She is currently a licensed midwife in South Carolina and CPM, credentialed by NARM (North American Registry of Midwives). Serving families in Greenville and the surrounding areas.

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