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         Why do women choose home birth ?

Women choose home birth with a qualified home birth midwife for many reasons. Among them, they enjoy the individualized care, relationship and support they receive during their prenatal visits and continuity of care through their six week postpartum period. Women also feel safe in their own environment and are able to share this sacred
moment with friends and family members if so desired.

Is home birth for everyone ?

No. A rather small population of pregnant women in the united states choose home birth (under 4%), This number however continues to grow as women are educated on the risks associated with high tech interventions and understand the benefits of low tech intervention and women centered care. At Legacy Midwifery, we work very closely with moms to ensure that they remain healthy and low risk. Having home birth/birth center birth is a statement of responsibility. The mother and her partner has to take responsibility to maintain optimal physical and emotional health and well being.  

How will I pay for my home birth ?

Most insurances provide coverage for out of hospital birth. Our billing service will work with you to determine you and your insurances responsibility. You may have a copay or a deductible which we expect to be paid in full by 37 weeks prenatally.

Where do visits take place ?
Visits will take place mostly at our office. We do a 36 week home visit with with your birth team. After your birth we come to see you up to one week at your home. The remaining visits are at our office.

What is the difference between doula and a midwife ?

A doula is a birth professional that provides emotional, physical and informational support to a woman and her partner in a hospital, birth center or home birth setting, who is pregnant, in labor or who has recently given birth.  A midwife is a licensed health care provider that offers emotional, physical and informational support in addition to being clinically responsible for the well being and safety of the mother and baby, prenatally, during labor and birth and for the postpartum (after birth) weeks to follow.

Can I have a water birth ?

Water birth is a great way to soothe the discomforts of labor. The warm water is relaxing and immersing in water above the belly helps alleviate pressure on the back and pelvis. And yes, if you find the water comforting having a water birth can be a gentle way to birth your baby. There are a few things that are necessary to have if you are interested in a water birth. Your midwife will give you the list of the supplies you will need.

What supplies does the midwife bring to a home birth ?

In addition to years of experience, training and knowledge we have various ways of listening to the baby's heartbeat so we know that the baby is responding normally to labor. We bring herbs and homeopathic remedies and pharmaceutical drugs that we use when clinically indicated. We carry oxygen, resuscitation and suction devices and are certified in CPR and neonatal resuscitation (NRP) for out of hospital births.

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