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  • Discuss birth control options
  • Herbal and nutritional remedies may be recommended
  • Annual pap and breast exam

Preconception Care

  • Education and counseling on a healthy pregnancy for mom and baby
  • Recommendations and counseling for the appropriate interventions if necessary before conception

Home Birth /Birth Center Midwifery  Care

  • Initial free consultation with discussion of our scope of practice and your pregnancy needs
  • Access to our lending library of books, videos and magazines
  • Recommendations to holistic/alternative practitioners in the area 
  • Individualized evidence based education and holistic prenatal care
  • A complete physical exam (including lab work)
  • Monthly visits up to 28 weeks that are typically 45-60 min
  • Biweekly visits starting at 28 weeks and weekly visits starting at 36 weeks until your birth
  • Home visit at 36 weeks with your birth team
  • Continuous labor and birth support
  • Initial breast feeding and continuous nursing support
  • Postpartum visits (a minimum of 6) beginning with the 24 hour visit up to 6 weeks after your birth


  • Childbirth preparation series (4 weeks)
  • Private childbirth preparation classes  
      (For more information Please Contact Us)
Doula Services
  • For those moms who would like birth support in a hospital setting
  • For those higher risk moms who cannot in an out of hospital setting
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